Furry Daki Xaryax - Art by Ram the Dragon - the Black Dragon - Art by Ram the Dragon - Dakimakura Furry Body Pillow Cover

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Fabric : Plush
Size: 120x40cm
Dressed/Nude : dressed
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 Materials: Polyester, velvet


What is a Dakimakura cover ? 

A Dakimakura or daki cover, is a Pillow cover to go onto a long bed pillow. They were popularized in Japan with Anime culture, but have since also been very Popular in the furry and Brony Fandom.

This is a Dakimakura pillow cover of my Character Xaryax the Male Black dragon.

Please note -

The inside pillow is NOT included in this listing. It needs to be bought separately, for example at your local anime store.

Design options: ^^ 

Dressed, is a fully clothed version of Xaryax 

Nude,      is a fully naked version of Xaryax with same pose. 

Half/Half is a half naked and Half clothed version of Xaryax. 

Nude version is 18+

and can only be sold to adults. 

Fabric options: 

Velvet fuzz/plush:  Velvet fuzz/plush, is a plushy fuzzy short fur version of this pillow cover, it feels soft and fuzzy to the touch.

Two-way tricot: is a streachy, very soft but smoove fabric. it it provides the most amount of detail.  

Who made the art: 

the Art of my Character was made by the talented Artist: Ram the Dragon 

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Vendor FurryBodyPillows
Type Ram the Dragon
Fabric Plush, 2 way tricot
Size 120x40cm, 150x50cm, 160*50cm, 180*60cm, 240x80cm, 150x75cm
Dressed/Nude dressed, Nude, half half
Weight 15.0 oz

Customer Reviews

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Imported from our etsy store

Everything worked out wonderfully and the pillow looks as it should :3

Imported from our etsy store

this dragon looks great and feels very nice to the touch too)

Imported from our etsy store

Cover came in excellent condition, and the quality of the print and material are amazing. The seller did an amazing job keeping up with communications throughout the process. Incredibly happy with my purchase and the service they provided.

Imported from our etsy store

Very soft and and perfect for sleeping with tho it did take a while to get here (due to weather conditons) it still turned out great.

Imported from our etsy store

Comfortable fabric and design looks great! It fit great on my pillow and is comfortable to sleep on. Seller was polite, kept me informed on when it was being delivered, and checked up on whether I had any questions.