Daki Clawson Ruggiero - Art by Ram the Dragon - the male Lynx suit wearing crime Boss Dakimakura Furry Body Pillow Cover

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Fabric : plush
Size: 120x40cm
dressed/Nude: dressed in suit
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 Materials: Polyester, velvet

What is a Dakimakura cover ?
A Dakimakura or daki cover, is a Pillow cover to go onto a long bed pillow. They were popularized in Japan with Anime culture, but have since also been very Popular in the furry and Brony Fandom.

This is a Dakimakura pillow cover of my Character Clawson the male Lynx

Please note -
The inside pillow is NOT included in this listing. It needs to be bought separately, for example at your local anime store.

Design options: ^^

Dressed, is a fully clothed version of Clawson
underwear is a version of Clawson wearing just Underwear
Nude, is a fully naked version of Clawson with same pose.
Half/Half is a half naked and Half clothed version of Clawson
Half/Half underwear is a half underwear and Half clothed version of Clawson
Nude version is 18+
and can only be sold to adults.

Fabric options:
Velvet fuzz/plush: Velvet fuzz/plush, is a plushy fuzzy short fur version of this pillow cover, it feels soft and fuzzy to the touch.
Two-way tricot: is a stretchy, very soft but smooth fabric. it it provides the most amount of detail.

Who made the art:
the Art of my Character Clawson Ruggiero was made by the talented Artist: Ram the Dragon

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Vendor FurryBodyPillows
Type Pillows
Fabric plush, 2 way tricot
Size 120x40cm, 150x50cm, 160*50cm, 180*60cm, 240x80cm
dressed/Nude dressed in suit, half half nude, underwear, Nude NSFW, half half casuel, half half suit

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